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« 素晴らしい She is a professional English teacher and has a vast amount of knowledge to teach. Due to the internet connection in my home, I cannot continue to study with her, however I seriously recommend everyone to take her class, especially those who need a teacher to lead your study in proper and effective way. »
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Watch my video, qualified native English teacher with a Master's degree in English teaching from Griffith University, Australia, 8 years of experience


Being an English teacher is my occupation and vocation. I am a Master of Arts in English teaching and Applied Linguistics, Griffith University, Australia. After graduation, I taught at Griffith University and a variety of language academies in Australia, England, Scotland, Spain in addition to being a private tutor. Overall, I've spent 8 years teaching students from different countries, cultural backgrounds, levels of proficiency and age groups.

In my teaching, I follow an effective method mastered during my studies and teaching practice - a communicative student-centred approach. It means I don't explain grammar and vocabulary in a traditional way. Instead, I make YOU think, reflect, realise, learn and arrive at conclusions not just receive given results from the teacher. I put you in the centre and help you to feel the language, comprehend its core and the way it functions.

During the classes, we will have a lot of practical work, so you will learn how to behave appropriately in any real-life situation. In other words, you'll be able to cope with whatever life throws at you in English.

Moreover, I pay a lot of attention to your pronunciation: I will correct your sounds and meticulously work on the improvement of your accent until it's native-like. I can teach you four distinct types of English accents: British, Australian, American and Canadian since creation and modelling of native English accents is one of my key areas of expertise. The only thing left for you to do is to choose which accent you would like to become an expert in :)

There is always a specific home assignment after every class in order to reinforce the acquired skills. In addition, every month a test class based on your individual requirements is conducted so we can clearly monitor the course of your progress and readjust it if necessary.

Furthermore, some classes are innovative and represent cutting-edge achievements in English teaching. They are called visual thematic speaking development sessions. The grammar and vocabulary used in these classes are smoothly woven into the fabric of the British, Australian, American and Canadian cultural topics.

The feedback I’ve been getting from these extraordinary classes is more than satisfying - my students not only find them fun, unusual and top-notch, but also surprisingly simple and strikingly memorable. I'd be glad to introduce YOU to the exciting world of visual thematic learning - after you try it out, your learning experience will never be the same.

P.S. Check out my video CVs in English and Spanish languages via my youtube channel helenoz.

In addition, take a look at my interview responses in the bottom of the page after the "recommendations" section - you'll find loads of handy information there!

In my article: "In your opinion, what does it take to be a successful English speaker?" I give 11 useful tips. I came up with them over the years thanks to my teaching practice and students' feedback.

I recently compiled my personal reflection "Alice in Wonderland" for my students to help them learn as many helpful phrases as possible in the easiest and quickest way possible from just one source.

It contains more than 100 (!) phrasal verbs, collocations, set expressions, phrases and idioms, which I meticulously hand-picked. All of them are widely used and up to date. Moreover, they are exceptionally easy to remember thanks to the context I’ve put them in. And there is no need to jump all over the net and navigate through dozens of websites to find the expressions/idioms – they are already at your fingertips.

So, make sure you check them out and if you liked the reflection, get in touch straight away :) I have ​heaps of​ ​fun and extraordinary activities related to it, which will significantly ​boost up your vocabulary and greatly improve your English speaking skills.


質の良いプロフィール、素晴らしい学位、24時間以内の返信保証。Helen さんは最初の授業を慎重に行います。


If I choose you as my student and you choose me as your teacher, I will address all of your English language needs to the best of my ability. That's why you'll be able to reach your goals with me in the shortest amount of time possible.

My qualifications, level of proficiency, experience, results of my teaching and time/effort invested in tailoring the classes to your specific needs ensure your tangible progress. My personality contributes immensely as well - I am friendly, understanding, considerate and supportive. I know where to encourage you more and where to let you absorb the knowledge at your own pace. You can be sure that with me you'll easily gain confidence, open up and practice your English in everyday real-life situations without anything holding you back.

Therefore, whether you would like to become fluent in English for personal or professional reasons, study or work in a foreign country - give it a go, you will be satisfied with your decision.

In terms of online classes, it has been widely acknowledged that they go very well and are exceptionally convenient. Even though I was teaching face-to-face when I first started giving classes, in a short amount of time I completely switched to online teaching since my students and I came to a conclusion that online classes were much more efficient due to the advantages they offer:

- The comfort of your home as a place of studying;

- The flexible schedule as there is no need to commute;

- The possibility to continue with your classes even if you move to a different city/country or travel a lot on a regular basis;

- And many more, the list goes on :)

Last but not least - in order for your learning process to be successful, you'll need to have an excellent internet connection and a laptop (e.g. MacBook Pro, Samsung Notebook 9, etc.). I’m sure you understand that the classes can not be conducted via tablet computers, smartphones (e.g. iPads, iPhones, etc.) or if the internet connection is poor.


オンラインレッスン料 : ¥4926/時間
5時間のレッスン料 : ¥24630
10時間のレッスン料 : ¥49261


Classes are taught to ADULTS ONLY (20 years old and older). Therefore, please note that lesson requests from parents who are looking for a tutor for their underage children will NOT be considered.

Classes are conducted EXCLUSIVELY online via Skype. The duration of a free introductory class is 20 minutes, so we will have enough time to discuss any questions you may have.

The duration of any type of class is 50min.

Types of classes:

- Business English classes

- Academic English classes (oral and written communication skills)

- Visual thematic speaking sessions

- Pronunciation correction / improvement

- Accent reduction

- Creation and modeling of native English accents: British, Australian, American, Canadian

- Preparation for any types of job interviews (from standard to complex)

- Elaborate and multi-stage creation of professional video / audio / written CVs and cover letters

- General English classes

- Vocabulary / grammar development classes

- Conversation classes

Exam preparations: IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge exams => FCE, CAE, CPE.

I have vast experience in creating effective and individual exam preparation programs for students of all levels, but please keep in mind that the minimum amount of time required to successfully complete any exam preparation is 2-3 months - practice clearly demonstrates that smaller time periods are insufficient to become a game-changer.

Please keep in mind that if you’d like your results to be tangible and sustainable, you should commit to having at least 2-3 classes per week. Think of mastering your English language skills as training your muscles - are you going to be able to gain any noticeable muscle strength going to the gym just once per week? Not likely. Without a strong commitment, your muscles are going to quickly forget any training they underwent. The same applies to your English skills. That’s why the minimum amount of classes conducted per week is 2.

I’m looking forward to helping you to achieve your English language goals :)

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- Master of Arts in English teaching/Applied Linguistics, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia.

- Bachelor's degree in English teaching/Translation/Interpreting, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia.

- IELTS (The International English Language Testing System), grade 8.5, Middlesex University, Great Britain, England, London.

- CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English), grade A, Middlesex University, London, England, United Kingdom.

- TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), score 118, Queensland University of Technology, Queensland, Australia.

- Certificate: "Cutting edge techniques in IELTS and TOEFL teaching", Griffith University, Queensland, Australia.

- Certificate: "Modern approaches to FCE, CAE, CPE teaching", The University of Queensland, Queensland, Australia.

- Certificate: "Communicative student-centred teaching, master the future", The University of Queensland, Queensland, Australia.

- Certificate: "Effective and up-to-date teaching methods", Queensland University of Technology, Queensland, Australia.

- Certificate: "Communicative teaching - contemporary methods", University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.

- Certificate: "Innovative English language teaching techniques and methods", The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.

- Certificate: "English language learning pitfalls and how to avoid them", Middlesex University London, London, England.

- DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language), level C1, Valencia, Spain.

29件のレビュー   Helen
  • 5/5


素晴らしい She is a professional English teacher and has a vast amount of knowledge to teach. Due to the internet connection in my home, I cannot continue to study with her, however I seriously recommend everyone to take her class, especially those who need a teacher to lead your study in proper and effective way.


Yusuke is a Japanese student who contacted me recently. He is polite, friendly and organised, so working with him was a pleasant experience. He needs to significantly improve his English in order to communicate with native English speakers effectively. I’ve been designing an individual programme for him, which addresses all of his English language needs in terms of pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, so I’m looking forward to continuing our classes when Yusuke fixes his unstable Internet connection.


素晴らしい Thank you, Helen, for your professional feedback! I am very happy to hear that I achieved progress in my pronunciation and especially in my grammar. After a couple of months working with you I have recognized how important a correct pronunciation is to leave a good impression in both business and leisure. I can imagine that with your help I am motivated to prepare for IELTS :)


Marie is my student who is from Graz, Austria. She’s a clinical psychologist.

What impresses me about her the most is that she’s extremely enthusiastic about learning English and improving her oral and written skills. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that becoming fluent in English is one of her major life goals. That makes me particularly keen on teaching her since I know that she’s not studying hard just to pass an exam with flying colours or get an “A” in some test but mainly because she truly enjoys brushing up her skills.

We started off with untangling her ingrained pronunciation errors. Firstly, she couldn’t pronounce correctly sounds “V” and “W”. Since the sound “W” doesn’t exist in German, it was quite a challenge for Marie at first, but with constant practice and comprehensive feedback from me she managed to master them both to perfection.

Secondly, voiced “TH” and unvoiced “TH” proved to be quite difficult for her as well. I still correct her sometimes, especially with unvoiced “TH”, but her pronunciation is nothing like it was before - occasional errors are barely noticeable and we fix them as soon as she makes them. Marie clearly understands how to pronounce two sounds properly and the difference between them since we’ve spent many hours practising them together and recording special tutorials for her with more thorough and individual explanations. Therefore, even if she makes a mistake, it’s just a slip of the tongue, nothing more. I’m sure that with further practice even these “slips of the tongue” will disappear without a trace.

We continued with working on Marie’s grammar and vocabulary. For vocabulary improvement, we use lots of different techniques and strategies. Since the learning approach is tailored to Marie’s needs, we opted for a steady but constant progress - the learning curve doesn’t sore rapidly and we don’t intend it to.

After analysing Marie’s needs in detail I have come to a conclusion that in her case the progress needs to be consistent and evenly spread out. Only this approach will deliver significant results. We emphasise a stable improvement with long-term memory training rather than a quick but pointless short-term training. That’s why my innovative project - visual thematic speaking development sessions via Google Slides - appears to be most effective. It helps Marie immensely since she’s a visual learner so visualising expressions and idioms we study is a must for her.

In terms of grammar, we have also managed to achieve some tangible results. First and foremost, Marie has finally been able to put her finger on the correct uses of all advanced tenses- that wasn’t an easy task, but she coped with it successfully. Now we’re going to focus on weaving these complex tenses into the fabric Marie’s spontaneous speech. Further plans include embedding accurate uses of modal verbs into her daily English practice and amplifying the use of connectors.

To conclude, I’m incredibly grateful that Marie chose me to be her teacher. Teaching is not only about the knowledge and skills a teacher needs to possess in order for the learning process to be successful. It’s also about the student - whether s/he encourages the teacher to become the best version of herself/himself or not. Marie continuously inspires me to invent new, fun and even extraordinary assignments to always keep her on her toes and ensure that not only her English skills advance but also her imagination, creativity and perception of what learning is all about. I couldn’t have wished for a better synergy.


素晴らしい Thank you very much for your kindness, Helen =D As always, you describe the situation very accurately! Once again, I do recommend your classes to everybody who wants to take English learning seriously.


Fernando is one of my students who is from São Paulo, Brazil. He contacted me with some very specific requirements in mind: he wanted to significantly broaden his vocabulary, improve his pronunciation and eliminate noticeable grammatical incoherences. He already had some simple English conversation classes where teachers didn’t teach him anything, didn’t correct his mistakes and basically just chatted with him in order to boost his confidence and as a result, facilitate his English communication with other speakers. So what he essentially wanted was to find a professional who’d be able to actually “teach” him, not just “chat” with him.

I explained Fernando all about my teaching method - communicative student-centred approach. I learnt it during my Master’s degree studies at Griffith University, Australia and have been implementing it in my teaching practice ever since. I emphasised that:

=> Meticulous analysis of his mistakes;

=> Creation of an individually tailored programme to assess all of the areas of his speech;

=> Finding the best and quickest ways to improve the problematic areas are one of the core aspects of my approach, so he can rest assured - he found what he was looking for.

After having taught Fernando for two months, I can confidently say that out of all aspects of an English language he was able to improve, pronunciation stands out the most.

Before we started the classes, he had a very vague idea about the way an English phonetic system functioned and how to properly pronounce some tricky English sounds. In addition, he had already learnt and gotten used to an incorrect pronunciation of quite a few sounds. Therefore, over the entire course of our studies, we were bending over backwards to fix the wrong pronunciation and incorporate correct sounds into his speech.

I admit it was no easy task ;)

Nevertheless, at the moment, I am more than happy to acknowledge that our effort has finally paid off.

When I hear Fernando speak now and compare his speech to what I heard two months ago, it’s like hearing two different people:

=> He significantly improved the articulation of all of his sounds, not just the ones he had difficulties with;

=> His problematic sounds have disappeared;

=> His general comprehension of the phonetic system has immensely improved.

Now, if Fernando expressed such desire, it would be possible to work on a creation of a particular native English accent: American, British, Australian, any accent he prefers, really.

That is a remarkable achievement that can not be overlooked.

In terms of other areas, I would like to pay attention to the changes in Fernando’s vocabulary.

The usage of adjectives and phrasal verbs became vividly noticeable in his speech. Moreover, something that I’m particularly pleased with, is that he started including into his language phrases, expressions and idioms that we covered during our regular classes and visual thematic speaking sessions. Every time I hear him use correctly brand-new idioms for him like “out of the blue”, “rings a bell”, “tip the scales” or “think outside the box”, etc., I feel like a child who was given a medal for winning a competition - happy and very proud :)

In terms of Fernando’s grammar, even though we considerably improved his understanding and usage of some basic grammatical tenses, including the tricky ones like Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous, we still have a lot of work to do, especially when it comes to prepositions, connectors, conditional sentences and advanced usages of modal verbs.

To sum up, I’d like to thank Fernando for being so committed to improving his English language skills. One of the moments that would melt any teacher’s heart is the one when even after a long and exhausting day at work, a student finds time and strength to do an English assignment a teacher had given him/her the day before. I’ve experienced plenty of those moments with Fernando, which makes me confident that he’s not going to stop improving his English language skills, even though it might be challenging at times. Hopefully, I’ll be able to continue guiding him on his learning path until he reaches a native-like proficiency.


素晴らしい I appreciate you so much Helen! You made not only my day, but a year! I feel like Christmas is coming! I have never thought of myself as such a great person. Thanks for your amazing review, it encourages me a lot!


Yuki is one of my students who is from Tokyo, Japan. It has been a great pleasure for me to give classes to such an amiable, warm-hearted and resourceful person. When I’m planning our classes I’m always thinking of ways to impress Yuki and help her learn and practice something she hasn’t known before. I’m immensely excited about her progress and enjoy seeing her use some of the grammar or vocabulary we learnt during the previous lessons.

In general, I’m very glad to acknowledge that Yuki has proven to be an exceptionally diligent student. Even though working on her mistakes was demanding for her at first, every class she kept proving to me that she wasn’t going to give up. She was clearly ready to overcome difficulties in order to achieve her aim.

It was inspiring for me to see this unyielding commitment in her.

In a nutshell, Yuki’s initial goal was to receive 6.5 overall in IELTS exam to apply for her studies at Griffith University, Australia. Her previous result was 6.0 overall and we had only 2 weeks of preparation to improve it. Therefore, I warned Yuki that this limited amount of time might not be enough to change the grade for the better. Yuki fully accepted that possibility and decided to go through an intensive preparation anyway.

Eventually, her effort paid off - she got 6.5 overall in just 2 weeks. We were on cloud nine when we received this amazing news! The result wasn’t completely unexpected though - the amount of effort she invested in the preparation was humongous.

Not only did she work hard during the classes trying to absorb and practice as much material as possible, but also she carefully did all of the home written and oral assignments to revise and reinforce everything that was learnt during the class. It’s no wonder that thanks to such a thorough approach to studies Yuki improved significantly over a short period of time and was able to achieve a desired overall grade in IELTS. I couldn’t be happier for her ;)

At the moment, we’re preparing Yuki’s oral and written skills to university studies, which, of course, isn’t a piece of cake. Nevertheless, I’m confident that she’ll be able to succeed in this area the same way she succeeded in her exam preparation. On my part, I’ll make sure to provide her with all the necessary knowledge and training so she could feel well-prepared.

In addition, I did my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Griffith Uni as well, so I am happy to share my personal experience with her, give some useful tips about the assignments and ensure that she figures out all ins and outs of university life in general. Hopefully, my profound involvement in Yuki’s uni studies will help her to avoid lots of pitfalls and make her transition into the university life less problematic and much easier.


素晴らしい Thank you very much Helen! This review makes me feel more motivated :) You are an inspiring teacher!


Veronica is one of the most diligent students I’ve had in years. She is as passionate about being my student as I am about being her teacher. I’ve been having classes with Veronica for a couple of months now and her progress has been hard to overlook: her vocabulary has become much more abundant and sophisticated, her grammar - more accurate, her pronunciation - much clearer and more native-like. Moreover, she is genuinely interested in improving her current English level and that makes teaching her even more satisfying.

Vero, I will do my best to lead you on the path you’ve chosen and work on your English skills until we master them to perfection. You’re a fantastic student, just be yourself and continue to study hard. On my part, I promise I’ll keep you on your toes every step of the way :) Looking forward to our next class!


Fatemah A

“I’m Helen’s student Fatemah from Saudi Arabia.

Learning English with a tutor like Helen is like finding a treasure I never dreamt about, and that’s the wisest decision I’ve made. Not only did my English improve, but also my self-confidence, because she works on my pronunciation and she makes my terrible English speaking sound more professional than before.

Before I met my tutor Helen my ultimate goal was just to upgrade my speaking skills to enhance the clarity of my speech for effective communication. However, after meeting her my goal grew beyond that, it became much bigger since now I would like to master English speaking to perfection and truly become an advanced English speaker. I am sure that she will help me to achieve that aim by making continuous and stepwise progress tailored to my needs.
Moreover, I like that she helps me to increase sentence length and complexity, properly use prepositions, irregular verbs in past tense, and increase the variety of sentence types (e.g. question tags, negatives, etc.)

I am enjoying studying English with my tutor Helen. She is a professional and an outstanding tutor. The classes are fun, engaging and her approach in teaching is interactive since she uses powerful and effortless techniques to make everything simple and easy to grasp despite the challenges I face during the studying process.

Now I really can't go back to the old superficial way of learning English. That’s why I would definitely continue this journey to advance my English and I can't wait for the outcome. "


Hi everyone! I’m Monika and I’m from Paris, France.

Starting English courses with Helen is like finding my lucky charm. With her, you can master your English without jumping through hoops. Everything seems to be accessible, easy to achieve and time after time, you feel more confident. Additionally, Helen is good at transferring complex grammar rules to funny exercises. For example, she taught me idioms with visual thematic classes. They consist of a mix of pictures, definitions and specific exercises tailored to my individual requirements. The results were astounding! In less than two hours, I memorised and practiced six idioms and until today, I am able to use them in daily life.

It's amazing how I can remember my first class as if it was yesterday. We had to start from scratch because we had to review some basic English grammar. One of her strengths is her capacity to quickly identify your weaknesses and to give you all the needed clues without jumping the gun. Moreover, she helped me with some specific requests such as translating my French resume and creating some cover letters in English.

I recently asked Helen if she could help me to prepare Academic IELTS exam in quite a short amount of time (around 2 months). It is one of the most difficult exams to pass with flying colours because you have to be excellent in four fields at the same time (writing, speaking, listening, reading). Although my request seemed to be ambitious, she has taken this challenge and together we have been mastering my English, so I’m looking forward to taking an exam very soon!

But even before taking the exam, thanks to her, I am already ready to take on the world! Although I am not a native speaker, I feel more confident and strongly believe I have made incremental progress. My dreams are turning into reality.

To put it in a nutshell, I just would like to say : “Thank you, Helen, for your professionalism and patience”. I strongly recommend her classes to anyone who is looking for a teacher able to provide both entertaining and efficient English courses.


My name is Matisse Lafond. I’m from Marseille, France.

Learning English with Helen is useful and effective. She is friendly while remaining professional. Since the beginning, she helped me to improve my English whether it was my way of speaking or my grammar. Moreover, her way of teaching is interesting because there are many hands-on discussions and interactions. She gave me a lot of examples to give clear illustrations of what we were learning during the lesson and develop my English grammar. On top of that, the resources she was sending me to reinforce my knowledge were extremely helpful, I really enjoyed using them.

Therefore, I fully recommend her classes to everyone.


Helen is a highly qualified English teacher. The classes are challenging and I learnt a lot.

I got in touch with Helen to improve my accent and I was very satisfied with the methods we used to learn how to pronounce different letters correctly. It was immensely helpful. She also taught me how to use different formal and informal expressions, which my active vocabulary lacked.

The lessons are generally very structured and she also sent me video recordings of our lessons so I could review my own speech. In addition, Helen uses a lot of materials to enrich the lessons which helps to improve faster and makes the lessons more fun.

In summary, Helen is a nice and fun person who I really enjoyed working with and would contact again for more lessons.


Helen is the best English teacher! She is a professional. By understanding my objectives and my English level, she personalized a plan for me, so I could work on my mistakes. At the same time I started learning new grammar, idioms, vocabulary and all what I needed to improve my skills. In addition, we have worked hard on my pronunciation and now I feel much more confident when I need to participate in conversations at work. Moreover, she constantly evaluates my progress, so we can pay attention to some specific points in order to correct them.

To continue, Helen has many resources to help you easily understand and successfully memorise the extensive English vocabulary. One of them are the visual thematic classes, which I found fascinating because it is immensely helpful to understand the meaning of an idiom or a phrasal verb by means of an image.

As Helen’s student, during every class I practised rigorously the skills I had to enhance. By now, I have learnt all of the key methods and techniques required to improve my listening, reading, writing and speaking. Mastering these abilities to perfection is of paramount importance to obtain a high grade in IELTS exam, which is my main aim at the moment.

Based on my experience, I strongly recommend Helen as a teacher. I am learning a lot and I am sure I will reach my goals very soon.


I'm pleased to have Helen as my English tutor. I was a bit off base initially as to what was needed from me to take my English to the next level. Nevertheless, it’s not the case anymore since I came across her profile during my search for a personal CPE tutor.

To start with, Helen’s approach in teaching is unique as she actively engages the student throughout her classes. Personally, I found her way remarkably effective in consolidating the new knowledge and skills I've learned in English language in addition to making my English speaking sound more professional. Moreover, her devotion to her profession is evident from the effort she puts into preparing the classes and the way she individualizes them in accordance to my needs. For instance, I had the opportunity to try the visual thematic classes, which not only enriched my knowledge of English idioms, but also were fun and interactive.

All in all, Helen is a tutor who’s proficient in her endeavor. By attending her classes, I didn’t have to bend over backwards to take my English up a notch. I would definitely be happy to continue stepping up my English with her being my tutor and I am almost certain that I’ll pass my CPE with flying colors given her dedicated teaching.


Helen is a very patient, kind and ambitious teacher. She is always prepared and creates funny and well-organised classes. Also, her teaching efforts have motivated me to learn more and fast.

I am a visual learner and I like the way that she explains grammar and vocabulary in pictures, videos or drawings. In addition, she is a very creative person, so she always comes up with new ideas or topics - a guarantee for inspired, entertaining and engaging lessons. Time seems to fly during the classes!

Since the variety of English teachers is enormous, during my search I specifically focused on looking for a native English teacher with a degree in teaching because among other things I wanted to improve my pronunciation. The strategy has paid off. Since I have started learning with Helen my pronunciation, especially this tricky TH sound, has become more native-like. Overall, it is very helpful that I understand the phonetic alphabet better than before, so now I make fewer mistakes in my pronunciation.

Another thing which has been improving very fast is my vocabulary extension. I hated learning vocabulary, but with Helen`s simple tricks, I have learned a lot of advanced vocabulary and now I am able to express myself clearly and coherently.

In terms of grammar, I have made progress in understanding and implementation of different tenses. I am very glad that Helen is such a sensitive person because sometimes I need more encouragement in my learning process. She knows exactly how to motivate me and as a result, my progress is immense. Therefore, if you are looking for individual English classes with a lovely, smart and funny teacher, I can highly recommend Helen.


My name is Fernando. I’m from São Paulo, Brazil. When I was looking for an English teacher I was trying to find someone who would have an excellent education and who was well-experienced in teaching - you know, there are lots of English teachers out there, but not many have proper qualifications to do it. I could see that Helen undoubtedly has those qualifications that I was looking for from her amazing profile. After having started classes with Helen, I’d realised that I found so much more than I was hoping for: the quality of the teaching that I was receiving exceeded all my expectations.

Helen is a very enthusiastic teacher, she truly believes in what she does. After only a few minutes of a class, she can recognize your weak point and structure the class in order to correct them. I was impressed with the way she prepared the classes and dealt with both my weaknesses and needs. I've learned a lot with her, especially in terms of the vocabulary improvement, phonetics and grammar points like word order, adjectives and so on. Therefore, I highly recommend Helen to everyone who wants to improve their English skills.


Hi there!

I’m Yuki from Tokyo, Japan. I have been learning English with Helen for the last 3 months. I have been enjoying lessons with Helen and have been fond of her personality from the very beginning.

Before I found her on the Superprof website, I was in big trouble with studying English in Australia. The reason was that the teachers were too easy-going and inaccurate, so I used to speak and write with many mistakes. However, Helen is completely different. She is meticulous and accurate in every aspect of English, e.g., grammar, punctuation, pronunciation and vocabulary. Also, her positive, cheerful personality is wonderful. She never forgets to encourage a student throughout the lesson. Moreover, she is very understandable and flexible when it comes to changing the course of studies. I’m pretty sure that I am a student with one of the most challenging requirements ever! But she always listens to me and tries to adapt to my requests in quite a flexible way.

Since I started learning with Helen, I think my confidence in speaking has dramatically increased. She pointed out my weak points, even though I had not noticed them before. It was an eye-opening experience for me! It gives me more courage to express my thoughts. Moreover, it is the same in grammar. Helen corrects my grammar mistakes and gives me a chance to review the grammar structure. It is such a relief to finally use the correct grammar and vocabulary. I haven’t used it correctly for ages!

Initially, my goal was to get 6.5 overall in IELTS score, so I could start my studies at Griffith University. Before I started the lessons I had 6.0 and we had just 2 weeks until the exam. Despite having such a short time to prepare for the test, Helen gave me some very clear advice regarding every part of the exam. Moreover, she tailored the curriculum structure for me. Eventually, it worked amazingly well - I got 6.5 overall in IELTS after 2 weeks of preparation.

Now I am studying with Helen to get ready for my degree “Bachelor of Creative and Interactive Arts”, which will commence next month. Thanks to Helen’s teaching, I feel inspired to start my new learning path. I am a fortunate student who could find Helen as my English teacher!


Hi there! My name is Laura and I’ve been Helen’s student for around 6 months now. I usually have classes 2-3 times per week depending what my schedule allows. I wish I could have classes more often, but I work-full time and have two kids so 2-3 times per week is the best I can do at the moment.

Every week we have classes that I absolutely adore! Helen calls them visual thematic speaking sessions. They are truly remarkable, I’ve never had a chance to learn English in such an innovative and easy way using Google Slides before. I remembered and actually started using in my speech so many useful phrasal verbs and expressions, I’ve lost count! And just imagine I was convinced a had a terrible memory and didn’t have a knack for languages at all (another idiom that Helen taught me last week, by the way). And my grammar improved without me noticing it at first. I’m so proud of it. I see from my friends’ and colleagues’ comments that my new enhanced vocabulary and grammar make me sound like a native-speaker! It had been one of my greatest ambitions for a long time, but I hadn’t been able to fulfill it until I asked Helen to become my tutor. 

I work as a department head in a well-known consulting company, so my improved English skills help me a lot when it comes to getting my point across and avoiding any misunderstandings. Now I don’t have to explain anything twice, it saves me a lot of time.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with our classes. In addition, Helen is always full of beans and that makes learning so much easier! Even when I’m exhausted after an 8-hour working day, when I switch on my computer I know that Helen’s positive energy is going to transfer over to me.

I guess I could write for a really long time trying to mention all of my impressions. The bottom line is: thanks a lot, Helen! I’m so glad that I found you after so many failed attempts, can’t wait to improve my English further!


質問 01 | 04
When did your passion for teaching languages begin?
Helen — To start with, I was a very successful English learner back in high school. Even though English was our first language, we still had classes dedicated to mastering English writing and communicative skills, sociolinguistics, bilingualism, etc. My friends and classmates would always consult me regarding some tips or explanations if our teachers weren’t able to provide them. I was keen to help them out. Why not? I was really pleased they trusted me.
Soon, my mates would ask me: “Could you stay a bit longer after the class and explain us a thing or two? There are quite a few things we don’t get. We’d really appreciate it”.

I decided to give that idea a go since all of those guys were my mates and it felt great to do something nice for them. However, the real turning point was when they passed the exams I’ve been preparing them for with flying colours. What a pleasant surprise! I couldn’t believe how tangible and quick their progress was. Before I thought about some of them: “Oh, well, maybe they just don’t have a flair for languages”.

I have never thought like that since. As soon as they received fantastic results, I realised that everyone can learn a new language, no exceptions - they just need a tutor who knows which key to use to unlock this hidden and secure place in their brain called “language skills”. It became clear to me that the problem wasn’t them, but the lack of a necessary guidance, a proper tutor who could honestly say: “I’ve been in your shoes, I know how you feel and the difficulties you’re facing. And I sure can make the difference”.

I was very proud of my part in their success. So I thought to myself: ”Can’t believe how happy they are! And I taught them well without even knowing any professional teaching techniques. What if I actually learn couple of those? Go to the uni and become a highly qualified teacher? Dedicate myself to teaching and make it my vocation? Just imagine how many people I could help to achieve their goals and how happy would they all become”.

I decided it just there and then and never changed my mind since. I enrolled at Griffith University and in 5 years obtained my Master’s degree in English teaching. It wasn’t easy, but I always knew why I was doing it - my aim gave me the strength and willpower that I needed to make it happen. I’m immensely happy to realise that it was well worth it - I have been teaching for 8 years now and never doubted even for a second my decision to become a professional English teacher. I have to thank my students for that of course - they are fighters who keep studying and practicing until we reach the results everyone is hoping for. So thanks to all of you, guys :) You’ve chosen the right person to guide you along the way. The only thing left now is to keep calm and master your English skills step by step :)
質問 02 | 04
In your opinion, what does it take to be a successful English speaker?
Helen — 1) A tutor, who has a university degree in English teaching and has dedicated his/her life to teaching, considers it as a vocation; someone who is able to guide the students on their learning path professionally and skillfully, understands what they are going through as s/he had experienced the same while learning another language.

2) Students must possess a resolute and unyielding desire to overcome all of the difficulties and keep working on their English skills until they achieve the results they are looking for. It’s crucial not to give up and believe in yourself and your abilities.

3) Patience - you’re not going to master a language overnight. Don’t pressure yourself, let your brain soak in the information you’re feeding it in a stable and stress-free manner. It’s better to learn less, but thoroughly understand the usages and pitfalls incorrect understanding of the expression brings, practice it as much as you can rather than just memorise 10 different expressions in one day and let your brain erase them all later. And there would be no escaping that, be well sure of that - our brain is not designed to learn a new language in a rash and stressful fashion. Just remember the nautical phrase used abundantly in “Pirates of the Caribbean” film series: “Steady as she goes” and you’ll be fine.

4) Try to live in a country where English is a native language - pick up a 2-3 month English course and off you go! You won’t believe the progress you’ve made. Be friendly, approachable and open-minded, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with your classmates or teachers - small talk is a key when it comes to loosening up and losing the fear of speaking in a different language. Soon you will realise that overcoming the language barrier has never been easier.

On top of that, if you have a chance, do your university studies there - whether it’s a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree or simply an exchange programme - give it a try, you won’t regret it. The longer you stay there and communicate with native speakers, the better. The same applies to business trips and other professional engagements: if an opportunity presents itself - grab it and never look back. No fear. No doubts. No regrets. See it as your motto.

P.S. Going on a 1-2 week vacation to an English - speaking country is a good idea as well, but don’t expect this trip to significantly enhance your English speaking skills. It might help you to pick up a word or two and make some friends, but don’t get your hopes up - this period of time is not enough to make a difference in your language skills clearly noticeable.

5) If you can’t visit / live in an English speaking country at the moment, that’s not a big deal, don’t let it prevent you from practicing English. You can always find native or English speakers where you are. Try googling things like “language exchange tandems” or “language exchange meetups” - I’m sure something interesting will pop up. Nowadays it’s been really common for like minders to get together and organise these sorts of events. Since the majority of them are informal, don’t be shy, give it a shot even if you don’t have anyone to go there with - you’ll definitely find someone to talk to and will end up making some awesome new friends.

6) If you decide to participate in these events, just see them as a way of chilling out in the end of a working week - don’t see your participation as something that you have to do, but rather what you want to do. In other words, allow an English speaking practice to become something that you do because it feels good, something you do because it’s fun, not something you do because you need it for work or studies. This kind of attitude will ensure that you see “learning English” as your friend at all times, even when it might be exhausting to keep working on your skills, and never as a foe. Moreover, it might help you to start thinking in English every now and then. Which brings me to my next point:

7) Think in English. Just try. You won’t have a hard time just trying, will you? Start slowly, once a day, don’t push it. Come up with something easy: “I need to put an alarm clock on” or “I’ve forgotten to brush my teeth”. Just think these simple sentences in your head. Don’t start with trying to analyse a movie or figuring out the purpose of our existence - no sense whatsoever, you’ll drop it after a few tries. Start slowly, steadily, imagine that you’re a baby learning how to walk. Keep this going for a couple of days, weeks or months - it’s entirely up to you. Then when you feel like it’s time to take it up a notch, move on to making little monologues in your head about silly mundane things, e.g.,: “Just look at this fantastic weather! Can’t wait to go on my lunch break and enjoy the sunshine. By the way, where is my lunch box? Have I forgotten it at home? No way, I remember putting it in my bag while that blond girl with a funny accent was on the news. Oh, here it is! How absent-minded of me”.

You see what I’m getting at? Soon, you won’t even notice how quickly you switch from one topic to another, how easy it is to let your thoughts flow and how unusual but satisfying it is to think in another language. Just start, start somewhere, you will get to your destination faster than you expect.

8) Choose your own way. No matter what everyone else says or recommends: listen to yourself and study with your own pace. Don’t compare yourself to others, it’s going to drive you crazy! Some people become more fluent or get the hang of a new grammar quicker than the others, and that’s totally fine. Mind that, but never allow yourself to think that you are less talented or less inclined to learning a language. That’s a complete and utter nonsense! You are as capable as everyone else. Never underestimate yourself - I keep saying that to my students almost every day. Allow yourself the luxury of mastering a language at your own pace. You’re going to get there - just give it as much time as you need.

9) Another key point: always keep your spirits high - that’s an absolute must, folks. If you’re frustrated or feel that you aren’t fully satisfied with your progress - address this issue immediately, talk to your teacher, discuss what is it that makes you feel upset or worried and your teacher should be able to coin for you a different approach. However, If your current teacher can’t help you with whatever issue you’re facing - find the one who can.

10) Accept that learning a new language is an individual process - there are no universal measures of how quickly one achieves the desired result. It all depends on you and your teacher. Therefore, believe in your success and choose your tutor wisely. If you haven’t found him/her yet, then keep looking until you find a teacher who best suits your needs. If you have - remind yourself from time to time how lucky you’ve been and show your teacher how much you appreciate him/her by studying hard and absorbing as much of what your tutor teaches you as possible.

11) Lastly, if you can’t remember a word from what you’ve just read and want a simple conclusion, just remember this: you deserve to have classes with the most talented, qualified and experienced teacher there is. Don’t settle for anything less.
質問 03 | 04
Can you name a living, historical or fictional character that you think is the emblematic representative of the language's culture?
Helen — “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll. Please turn to question #4 for explanations.
質問 04 | 04
Is there a typical word, phrase, tradition or expression in the language that you particularly like?
Helen — There are literally hundreds! I’m a huge English language fan and big on phrasal verbs, collocations, set expressions, phrases and idioms. To prove that, I’m going to share with you my personal reflection, which I compiled for my students to help them learn as many helpful phrases as possible in the easiest and quickest way possible from just one source. Together with this introduction, it contains more than 100 (!) useful and handy expressions which I meticulously hand-picked. All of them are widely used and up to date. Moreover, they are exceptionally easy to remember thanks to the context I’ve put them in. And there is no need to jump all over the net and navigate through dozens of websites to find the expressions/idioms – they are already at your fingertips.

So, make sure you check them out and if you liked the reflection, feel free to get in touch :) I have ​heaps of​ ​fun and extraordinary activities related to it, which will significantly ​boost up your vocabulary and ​immensely improve your English speaking skills.

The reflection is about “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll, it inspires me to be creative. Enjoy!

P.S. The phrasal verbs, collocations, set expressions, phrases and idioms are marked in bold italics.

“The best way to explain it is to do it”

The older I get, ​the more sense does Lewis Carroll’s tale “Alice in Wonderland” make​​.

When I was a kid, I saw it simply as a ​lamboyant inexplicable blur that I couldn’t put my finger on​​.

“​What on Earth​​ is it about?”, I used to wonder.

“I don’t ​get it​​, but I have to”, I thought to myself as soon as an ​unyielding desire​ ​to figure it ​out started ​seeping into my consciousness after another attempt ​to pinpoint its storyline​​ failed.

My persistence was full-on ​– I read it ​from cover to cover m​​uch more than once. Now I think that I reread it for far too many times, ​a thousand times over, ​to be fair. ​In my defence,​​ I actually thought that was going to help me somehow. But it was all ​in vain​​, I ​got nothing out of it. ​​It seemed that I just couldn’t get it into my head ​​no matter how hard I tried.

I remember that one day I decided to share the struggle I was ​going through ​​with my mum. She ​burst into laughter and told me: “Don’t try ​to wrap your head around it just yet, ​sugarplum.​​ Trust me, you’re going ​to get a kick out of it ​​when you’re older”.

As you might have guessed, I did not appreciate that reassurance at all. All I replied was: “​Gee​​, thanks, ma, that’s extremely helpful”.

Little did I know that she was indeed right. But my childhood naivety and stubbornness wouldn’t let me ​become conscious of that. Therefore, despite my mum’s wise suggestion, I wasn’t going to ​give up on it​​ yet.

I thought that the best solution would be to ​look at it from a different angle. ​​And that angle for me was a 1951 American animated ​musical ​fantasy-​ ​adventure film produced by ​Walt Disney Productions “Alice in Wonderland”. I asked my dad to buy me a videotape, so I could watch it and finally ​make some sense out of it​​. I kept telling myself that there had always been a lot of ​hype around it and it must have been for a reason. So, I was determined to ​get to the bottom of it and some ​visual aids ​​never harm. Besides, it’s ​a no-brainer​​ that I eventually chose a cartoon over a book.

What kid wouldn’t?

But even then, no matter how many times I watched the doorknob at the bottom of the rabbit hole say: ​“​Follow the directions and you will be directly directed into the right direction”,​ I still had ​no clue about what was going. ​​Only when I realised that I will understand all ins and out of the tale only ​when the hell freezes over​​, I finally decided to listen to my mum’s ​piece of advice and ​leave it alone. “​​ It's all ​a fuss about nothing anyway​”, ​I concluded.

And so ​I​​ ​was done,​​ ​case closed.

I decided to switch to the more traditional tales like “Cinderella”, “Sleeping Beauty” and “The Little Mermaid” which truly were like ​a breath of fresh air ​​to me. They seemed logical, unambiguous and sensical to my little girl’s mind. ​In a nutshell, ​a totally different ball game: no absurd events, no ​intricacies woven into the fabric of the plot​​, no encrypted messages, no puzzles, no ​peculiar ​​or ​anthropomorphic creatures ​– nope, ​nada. That literary nonsense was ​over and done with. ​​It was such a relief to finally be ​on the same wavelength w​​ith the main characters, such a joy.

How could I have known that this idyllic union wasn't going to last ​for all eternity​​?

Now when I am a grown-up, we had to ​split up with those tales due to some irreconcilable differences. ​​That might put a smile on your face, but that’s the best explanation I can ​come up with.​​

Out of the blue, it all just ​turned upside down​​: “Cinderella”, “Sleeping Beauty” and “The Little Mermaid” started ​making no sense whatsoever and “Alice” appeared ​to make all the sense in the world.​


I couldn’t help but wonder: “​​ Have I changed into a completely different person?” Apparently, I have.
But when?

Suddenly I discovered how Alice must have felt when she asked herself:

“Was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different”.

What an ​accurate description.

I’ll probably never know exactly when ​the scales tipped in “Alice’s” favour. ​​But I do suspect that as soon as I truly turned into a mature grown-up person, I ​became aware of​​ the fact that ​there was much more to it than met the eye.

That is the truth that Lewis Carroll had always known.
You can’t ​trick the trickster, c​​an you?
He was certain that ​come hell or high water w​​e were going to see its true colours shine through​​. After all, he wrote a story for adults and ​disguised it in the most ​bizarreway for a reason. Only ​a silver-tongued devil like he ​could have gotten away with it so easily.

What ​an eye-opener!

Even though the story ​had always been within our reach, “Alice” didn’t ​reach out to us until we were ready for it. That’s why only years and years later, after having discarded the story ​for good​​, we admit that we might have been ​way too hasty. And then it ​comes upon us:

Good Lord!​​ Lewis Carroll is a genius! A ​bona fide​​ genius.
Have you ever stopped to wonder how ​deep-rooted ​​and wise, yet surprisingly clear and ​comprehensible ​​these famous quotes are?

“I don’t see how he can ever finish, if he doesn’t begin” ​or

“If everybody m​inded their own business the world would go round ​a deal faster than it does”.

Simple, aren’t they?

And simplicity is genius. As Albert Einstein said:

“The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.”

And that’s exactly what Lewis Carroll did.

As soon as we ​ascertain that, without further ado​​, we ​get down to ​discerning ​​the fine wisdom​​ and ​intricate​​ ​brilliance​​ in other seemingly ​preposterous​​ phrases like:

I​'m afraid I​​ can't explain myself, sir. Because I am not myself, you see?​” or “It’s n​o use going​​ back to yesterday because I was a different person then”​.

And these aren’t the only “jewels” ​​that made us fall in love with tale unconditionally and irrevocably.​​ Thanks to their ​cunning humour and ​insightful perception o​​f human nature, many other phrases gained their ​rightful place​ in the ​​golden treasury of children’s literature​.​​

A few ​​notable examples​:

“I’m not crazy. My reality is just different than yours”.

“Well, I never heard it before, but it sounds uncommon nonsense”.

“She generally gave herself very good advice, though she very seldom followed it”. Do you recognise yourself in these quotes?

I certainly do.

And that’s more than enough for me to be with Alice ​​on the same page​.

​To sum it all up​,​​ I would like to address Lewis Carroll with these words:

“D​ear Lewis,

Your insane “Alice in Wonderland” is our last ​​shred of​ sanity in this ​​tangled and twisted reality​ with no Cheshire Cat to tell us ​“which way we ought to go from here”.

You might have felt ​​“entirely bonkers”​​​ yourself when you wrote it.

So what?

“I'll tell you a secret, –​ a​​ll the best people are”.

Eternally grateful,
Your grown-up kid,

​“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"
"That depends a good deal on where you want to get to."
"I don't much care where –"
"Then it doesn't matter which way you go.”

Aliceand The Cheshire Cat,​ Alice in Wonderland​ by L​ewis Carroll


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